“Saneh jaan” is a propitious word since it is the name of a Thai traditional dessert served at auspicious occasions. It has therefore been chosen as the name of the restaurant so as to preserve the understanding and value of the authentic taste of Thai food. With the ambiance designed in contemporary and luxurious feel, the interior is decorated with artistic works, creating a relaxed feeling. Poems composed by the National Artist in Literature and SEA Write Award-winning poet, Naowarat Pongpaiboon is added to the further sense of aesthetics to the ambiance. From menus to tableware, images of Thai ingredients such as holy basil, sweet basil, garlic vines, eggplants, chili, coriander, ivy gourd, and roselle intertwine to form beautiful patterns.

Saneh Jaan

Genuine and traditional Thai gourmet dishes within an impressive ambiance can be wholly enjoyed at Saneh Jaan We also cater for customers who want privacy with three private banquet rooms – Jaan Proong, Jaan Prang, and Jaan Hom. In addition, a relaxing area called Jaan Jaroong is designed for customers who wish to indulge in the first-class wine selection and special drinks created especially for our customers at Saneh Jaan.